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“A beautiful piece of design and cartography” says BCS Judges about our Winning Historical Map of York

Following our awards win at the British Cartographic Society Awards 2014, judges have provided some welcomed feedback on our winning map. “Exceptionally well-produced and designed”, said one judge about the Historical Map of York available with Stanfords.  More glowing comments included, “A beautiful piece of design and cartography.” “Innovative. In an age where everything is mapped, I like this concept.” “This is an outstanding package.” “My favourite map” … Read entire article »

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Encouraging people to cycle to work with network maps

As we are all made aware of the need to be more sustainable in our transport needs, there has been a tangible increase in the use of cycles for commuting as an alternative to cars.  As well as the obvious advantages to the environment, cycling also has health benefits in these times of increased obesity and diabetes. Various organisations, such as British Cycling and Sustrans dedicate themselves to encouraging cycling as a form of transport but increasingly, other agencies are making use of cycling maps. Many local authorities have become aware of this increase in cycling and are encouraging sustainable transport, particularly within congested town centre areas. The easiest way to promote suitable and recommended routes for cycling is through the use of a cycle maps. A cycle map promotes the … Read entire article »

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European Open Data for Mapping

Mapping has seen a revolution in the last 15 years. There is still room for the long-established tradition of skilled cartographers and geographic information specialists creating carefully-designed, professional maps. But map-making is increasingly available to more people and at a lower cost. One of the forces that has made this possible is free and open data to make maps with. The Open Data Institute, co-founded by Tim Berners-Lee, describes open data as information that is available for anyone to use, for any purpose, at no cost. This doesn’t mean there are no legal requirements attached to the use. Usually you will need to show a simple attribution statement in your final map or application naming the data source and its copyright. There are also many sources that don’t quite pass the … Read entire article »

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10 of the best map illustrations

A beautifully illustrated map of Prague, using tones of pink and purple, this map has a unique hand-drawn quality to it, with small cartoon figures and stylised buildings. A highly illustrated map, with plenty of interest contained within it. There are hand drawn images of the major landmarks of London, overlaid on a simplified city map. In the style of an antique parchment, this map illustration has been enhanced with cartoon figures in the sea and a distressed affect on the paper. A campus map with lots of content, this map illustration gives plenty of information in a decorative style. This map illustration clearly shows the facilities available in a London park, set within its local surroundings. A map illustration of places to visit in London, this uses a unique illustrative style incorporating pub signs … Read entire article »

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Lovell Johns develop EMODnet Human Activities web portal

Lovell Johns are part of a consortium of companies (with Cogea, AND International, AZTI Tecnalia, CETMAR and Eurofish International Organisation) awarded a three-year contract in September 2013 by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE). The aim of the contract is to assemble fragmented marine and maritime mapping data on the extent and intensity of human activities, and make them available through a single web portal. Through the release of the EU Green Paper on a Future Maritime Policy for the European Union in 2006, poor access to marine and maritime data was confirmed to be a barrier to scientific understanding, a brake on the economy and a handicap to government decision-making. In 2008 the European Commission proposed to take steps towards a European Marine Observation and Data Network … Read entire article »

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Lovell Johns wins at the British Cartographic Society Awards

We are delighted to announce that our Historic Map of York which was submitted for the British Cartographic Society Awards 2014 has been awarded the Stanfords Award for the best printed map, as well as the BCS Award for the best map in all categories. We are very pleased to have won this prestigious award and would like to pay tribute to Chrissy Bond who produced the map. Chrissy died in March 2014, so this is a fitting tribute to her body of work as a cartographer. The Historic Map of York Lovell Johns has a long association with the Historic Towns Trust and have worked together on various atlases since the company was founded in 1965. The Historic Map of York is one of a long line of products that have … Read entire article »

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Creative Agency Mapping Artwork seen around Edinburgh

Following our case study Creative Agency Maps, the back-of-the-hand contour map produced by Lovell Johns is now out and about in Edinburgh on billboards and taxis.   … Read entire article »

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Lovell Johns Health Mapping Supports New Sleep Disorder Research

  A new study published in the leading medical journal Thorax has revealed important new insights into UK services for the common sleep disorder Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).  The article has identified a “significant and concerning” mismatch between the predicted prevalence of the respiratory condition OSA, and the availability of services with which to diagnose and treat it. Lovell Johns carried out the mapping work on behalf of the British Lung Foundation (BLF), working with leading sleep medicine clinicians from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London.   OSA occurs when neck and throat muscles relax when a person is asleep, causing the airway to get blocked. It can cause an individual to stop breathing momentarily, and this pause in breath can happen hundreds of times a night, resulting in dips in blood … Read entire article »

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The use of Geographic Information within the European Commission

  The European Commission employs over 23,000 staff and directly affects the everyday lives of the population of all the 28 member states.┬á Where action is more effective at European Union (EU) level than at national, regional or local level, the Commission has the right to propose legislation for adoption by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (national ministers).┬á The Commission is also responsible for putting the EU’s common policies (like the common agricultural policy and the growth and jobs strategy) into practice and managing the EU’s budget and programmes.┬á In the same way as UK Local Government provides information for people over a certain geographic territory, the Commission deals with vast amounts of data which has a spatial or location element. For example, maritime data is collated … Read entire article »

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How the Health Sector was able to improve communication through mapping

Health organisations of all kinds are increasingly turning to GIS mapping software and cartographic representation.┬á Maps are a powerful tool for visualising datasets, whether it is patient, customer or service data.┬á They are also a great way to effectively communicate health issues and trends, such as the geographic distribution of risk or emerging hotspots.┬á Much health-related data has a spatial element, which can be as simple as an address or postcode. ┬áMore and more healthcare and mapping datasets are now in the public domain, and these can often be used together with an organisation”s own data. You just need to choose the right mapping technique and delivery platform to convey the information to your audience. This article gives just a few examples of how different organisations within the healthcare sector were … Read entire article »

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