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Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the world; every October thousands of publishers from around the world gather together to exhibit their new titles and to look at how to sell or license their content across different markets. Alongside the publishers are all of the supporting companies who offer complimentary services to the publishing industry such as book printing and book distribution. For 20+ years Lovell Johns has attended the fair to showcase the map making services and cartographic products we can offer and more recently we have focused on featuring our own products. We pre-arrange and schedule around 20-25 meetings over the three days to make sure we meet our main clients. In any free time we have, we try to look around the fair to … Read entire article »

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The Mercator Projection – How interactive maps can wrongly influence our perception of the world

A map projection is an attempt to portray the surface of the earth onto a flat surface. It is impossible to do this without some distortions of conformality, distance, direction and/or scale. The most famous map projection is without doubt the Mercator projection. Mention Mercator to a cartographer and you are likely to be at the receiving end of a rant about distortion and land mass, yet Mercator is the map projection of choice for web-based mapping services such as Google Maps. This article looks into why the Mercator projection is both popular and controversial.   The Mercator projection was presented by the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. The projection conserves angles with the meridians. This means that if a navigational path is defined as a constant bearing measured relative to north, the path will be represented as … Read entire article »

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GIS Data Capture Records

In its broadest sense the term ‘data capture’ refers to any process whereby information is collected in some way for use within an IT environment.  This is usually undertaken for reasons of improved data experience such as being able to handle data in soft copy on a computer when previously handled as hard copy as paper records. Data capture in a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) context is essentially the processing of any information which has a spatial or geographic element, typically maps. The process includes scanning maps into a raster format and then capturing individual features as ‘vector data’. This consists of capturing specific geographic features as sets of coordinates (point, line or polygon), together with necessary attribute information. Vector data can be used in a GIS or web environment for … Read entire article »

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Attracting Prospective Students with Campus Maps

This is the time of year when parents are dropping off their children to start at university or college. As well as the requisite belongings and cans of food, an essential piece of kit is a campus map to show students around their new surroundings. A campus map may be used by students, both current and prospective, visitors and staff. The map should be welcoming and informative, and aid navigation around the site. The map base will usually be street level, dependent on the size of the campus area and the spread of buildings, but needs to be sufficient to show access between sites. Colours used in a campus map can be bright and engaging, but also bring in elements of the corporate styling used for the college. The layout should be clear … Read entire article »

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Three Peaks Challenge – Our Story

Weekend 19th September The Lovell Johns team took part in the infamous Three Peaks Challenge, scaling the highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) within 24 hours. Eleven of us took part with two extra support drivers.   The Day Before – Two (buses) become one The team set off from our offices in Oxfordshire Friday mid-morning to avoid traffic. We hired two good sized minibuses for the journey in the belief we all would have plenty of room to rest and change clothes.  The mood was good on the minibus and there was plenty of anticipation and good humoured banter between myself, Neill and Symon. We made good progress on the drive up and stopped in Tyndrum for pizzas. This is where we learnt the other minibus wasn’t … Read entire article »

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Rugby Union World Cup – Popularity by country!

This world map shows the popularity of the rugby union world cup by number of players relative to population in each country. It is really interesting to see that the countries with the highest popularity (in terms of participating players relative to population) are Tonga, Samoa and Fiji in the South Pacific. The player numbers are just indicative of actual participation. They are the numbers that are registered with each national rugby union. The shape of the map has been made to look like a rugby ball. Our cartographers did this by using an oval shape projection called the Mollweide projection. This is an equal area projection meaning the relative areas of countries are accurately depicted. The central meridian of this map has been moved 40 degrees east from the greenwich meridian to … Read entire article »

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How wayfinding maps are helping local councils serve their communities

A common feature in many town and city centres is a city wayfinding map. These are often shown on large displays or totems, centred on the point of viewing with a ‘heads up’ orientation to present a familiar view. They show the local area in detail, with points of interest, public transport hubs and important features. A wayfinding map may be posted at the entrance to a University Campus or Industrial Estate to show visitors where particular buildings are sited, but are most commonly seen in town centres. Some may show a walking route or a radial circle with a defined distance in time, so a user can plan their journey. The design should be clear to facilitate use by the visually impaired, and show any potential hazards for cyclists or … Read entire article »

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Three Peaks Challenge – Top Tips – Your Kit

The three peaks challenge is approaching fast, so here at Lovell Johns we have come up with some top tips for the kit you might want to take with you. Climbing the three peaks requires a lot of planning into what you wear and what to take with you. We have compiled a list of all the things you might need. Boots Boots need to be flexible and comfortable – they are the most important bit of kit as they are likely to give you blisters and blisters will make the whole activity uncomfortable or stop you completely! Tips for boots: -       Buy soon and get used to wearing them -       Your toes shouldn’t touch the end of the boot when you’re going down hill -       Your heels shouldn’t rise up from the sole of the … Read entire article »

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Three Peaks Challenge – Top Tips – Nutrition

We are now only a few weeks away from climbing the three peaks! To prepare for this we have come up with a few top tips regarding our nutrition for the challenge. As you’ve probably worked out, walking uphill is hard work and uses a lot of calories. The amount of calories you use will depend on your weight and the terrain you are walking over but as a very rough idea here is an estimate of the amount of calories you are likely to use on each of the mountains. Your Weight 9 stone 11 stone 13 stone Rough average calories used when walking uphill for one hour 400 490 570 Rough average calories used when walking down hill for one hour 190 210 250 Ben Nevis 3hrs uphill 1200 1470 1710 2hrs down hill 380 420 500 Scafell Pike 2.5hrs uphill 1000 1225 1425 1.5hrs down hill 285 315 375 Snowdon 2.5hrs uphill 1000 1225 1425 1.5hrs down hill 285 315 375 Total calories used 4150 4970 5810 So just in walking time … Read entire article »

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Lovell Johns 50 Years of Map Making

Lovell Johns 50 Years of Map Making from Lovell Johns on Vimeo. This year Lovell Johns celebrates 50 years of making maps and it’s been quite a journey from the early days of hand drawn maps to how the company operates today. Throughout these 50 years, map making has been at the core of the business and will continue to be so. Today the business has grown in several areas, particularly in digital mapping and product development. For the digital side of the business we can produce mapping data and maps for websites. We also have skills in GIS where we are able to manipulate mapping data to suit our customer’s requirements.  An exciting venture for the business has been our move into product development. We see this as an important area of … Read entire article »

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