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Business Improvement District (BID) Mapping

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined area in which local businesses contribute a levy to promote the area to encourage customers and invite investment. The Business Improvement District (BID) members are likely to be made up of people from the local community, each with a vested interest in a local retail outlet or commercial business. These may be retail outlet owners, business people or local council members. Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) were introduced by Government legislation and they tend to run for a set period, following which a vote takes place to decide on progress. The Business Improvement District may then continue to operate for a further period. As a Business Improvement District (BID) tends to cover a small geographic area, a Business Improvement District (BID) map will often be … Read entire article »

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Lovell Johns announces Management Buyout from Times Media Group

The management team (comprising of David Stephens and Liz Murray) of Lovell Johns has successfully completed a management buyout of the business from Times Media Group, one of South Africa’s largest newspaper and magazine publishers. Lovell Johns is one of the UK’s largest independent mapping services companies offering a range of cartographic services to mapping and reference publishers worldwide. Alongside cartographic services, we will continue to provide GI solutions to the public and private sector throughout the UK and Europe. Another core part of the business is our house publishing brand Maps International, which is a well-known name online and on the high-street. Maps International publishes a range of wall maps including the UK’s bestselling World Wall Map* alongside a range of Continental and British Isles Maps. David Stephens said “We believe this … Read entire article »

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Mapping Survey Results Using GIS

Questionnaires are a cost-effective way of collecting data from customers or members of the public. To understand the results, we often start by summarising responses in the form of tables, summary statistics, graphs and charts. Many questionnaires, however, may benefit from spatial analysis. Mapping survey results in this way can highlight important geographical trends that might not be apparent from the raw data. Take the following examples: A tourism company would like to analyse customer satisfaction. An action group would like to interpret and present results relating to a major planning application. An event organiser would like to change their marketing approach for their next event based on an online survey of previous attendees. In all these cases, it is obvious that analysing and presenting the data spatially could highlight a specific geographic tendency or … Read entire article »

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Scare Story or an Inevitability?

With just one week before the historic referendum for Scotland’s independence from the UK, Labour leader Ed Miliband revealed that guards will be put on the Scottish border, where passport and ID checks ‘would have to be looked at.’ The union between Scotland and the UK is one that has served over 300 years now, and could soon be broken if the referendum is to go ahead. Manned border posts may be introduced, and Mr. Miliband stated in an interview, with last weeks Scottish Mail on Sunday ‘If you don’t want borders, vote to stay in the United Kingdom.’ Milibands spokesman also added ‘The last time I looked there were two sides to the border- and we would be in charge of one of them. It would be up to us, … Read entire article »

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Mapping Provision Using GIS

With the current financial issues faced by the public sector, the need for provision mapping is becoming increasingly important. Education, health and community-based services can all take advantage of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to map and analyse current provision. GIS can be used to: Locate and store your provision locations Analyse provision against demographics Suggest areas which lack provision Suggest areas that can be centralised Make and present maps Provision first needs to be mapped or ‘geocoded’ to find a geographical position. GIS can be used to find approximate locations by postcode unit, or by full address. Within a GIS, your provision can be displayed and coloured by a category against background mapping. Provision locations can be displayed against specific service-based boundaries such as Health Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups or Local Education Authorities. Provision can be viewed or … Read entire article »

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Most satisfied city in Europe – how does yours compare?

What can truly determine a city residents level of satisfaction? Satisfaction may be measured by health care services, education services, level of safety, employment opportunity, or even for some, the quality of air. All these factors and more, can each individually contribute to a person’s overall level of satisfaction. In this article I will be looking at which cities are reportedly the most satisfied in Europe. The Office for National Statistics and the European commission, collected data from a Perception Survey, which interviewed roughly 49,000 people across 79 cities in Europe, and then provided The Guardian with the results. When conducting the survey residents were given the opportunity to explain what they thought about their overall satisfaction in the city in which they reside. Below is a map which has been created … Read entire article »

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Unusual maps you should see

In August this year, Lovell Johns were contacted by the BBC, requesting an interview with Iain Lee on BBC Three Counties Radio. They were producing an article on maps and wished to discuss map design, so their researchers naturally came to a company with plenty of experience in this field. The feature was about the map below which had been produced by the local Canal Trust in a very distinctive shape and was generating a lot of interest on social media! The map is a simple but pleasing design and clearly shows the features along the canal. It serves its purpose well, the only issue is the finished shape of the map, focussing on the main linear feature, which has attracted a lot of attention. There was a discussion on the appearance … Read entire article »

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Importance of maps for marketing

Brand promotion to the customer base is a key component of any marketing strategy and a great way of ensuring that any promotional material is retained and valued is through the use of mapping . Messages that are highly visual can have a huge impact on both customers and prospects. Of couse using maps for marketing purposes is nothing  new – for example most estate agents make use branded mapping in branch and on marketing materials to promote their brand as well as  show house buyers the local area.   Whether you realise it or not, this type of marketing is all around us.  This concept also works online well where all sorts of interactive maps are being used for enhancing user experience and encouraging people to return.. Maps for marketing are often … Read entire article »

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Hiring the right map illustrator

When looking to have a map commissioned, there are several aspects to consider when contacting map illustrators: Past examples of work – does the map illustrator have examples of previous projects in their design portfolio? This may help you decide what your finished map should look like and kick start the design process. This will also help build confidence in the map illustrator. Resourcing – can the map illustrator complete the map to your schedule, allowing for proofing and amends? If you have a print deadline, ensure this is made clear at the start of the project so your map illustrator can work to your key dates. Does the map illustrator have innovative design ideas? You will be reliant on them to help take your initial ideas and create an appropriate illustrated map … Read entire article »

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“A beautiful piece of design and cartography” says BCS Judges about our Winning Historical Map of York

Following our awards win at the British Cartographic Society Awards 2014, judges have provided some welcomed feedback on our winning map. “Exceptionally well-produced and designed”, said one judge about the Historical Map of York available with Stanfords.  More glowing comments included, “A beautiful piece of design and cartography.” “Innovative. In an age where everything is mapped, I like this concept.” “This is an outstanding package.” “My favourite map” … Read entire article »

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