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Rapid Mobile Apps

Rapid Mobile Apps

Sysgen is the fastest and most efficient way to build an application for a smart phone and or feature rich mobile phone.

Based upon well proven design principles of "drag 'n drop", Sysgen is designed to be device and operating system agnostic. Sysgen is the rapid system and stand alone application generation tool set that provides for incredibly fast creation of integrated mobile / internet wireless systems and standalone applications, incorporating system-administration via the generated solution"s web portal. Sysgen is designed to execute with ultrahigh efficiency and security on most intelligent mobile phones, over any networks providing secure on-line and off-line services anytime, anywhere.

Sysgen slashes your wireless software life-cycle development and maintenance costs. Whether you want to create flexible surveys, provide intelligent content-centric solutions, mobilise a line of business system investment, integrate with your CRM world, utilise powerful location and mapping functionality, or simply create a smart wireless data communication operation; with Sysgen you can create highly secure, reliable solutions many times faster than conventional methods. Prototyping becomes a snap with a production deployment Over The Air, a logical switch away.

The hard and soft features inherent within most mobile phones, such as individual choice, personality, toughness, reach and flexibility now become readily available to the developer without the hitherto typical restrictions of specialised skills, logistical support issues and remote device software management.


  • Application executing on multiple phone types - user choice of approved mobile phones
  • Intelligent Bi-Directional Data Provisioning
  • User-driven or scheduled data provisioning - large volume tolerant, OTA provisioning of software and data
  • Fault-resilient
  • Identified mobileular technology weaknesses addressed through software innovation
  • Operating System Agnostic
  • BlackBerry, Linux, Android, Symbian, Proprietary

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